First and Largest Vegan Grocery Store Chain Comes to U.S in 2016


European super market and wholesaler Veganz  has plans to open its first U.S location this year in Portland, Oregon.  Founded in 2011, the Berlin based supermarket carries only products which are 100 percent vegan, including  cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletries.   Bredack, owner and creator of Veganz, decided to get involved in the business soon after changing his own lifestyle in 2009. Finding it difficult to shop for plant-based products in his own city, the former meat eater decided to make vegan living easy and accessible for everyone.

Although vegans only make up about 6% of the U.S population,  plant heavy diets continue to gain in popularity, creating a much broader customer base for the new chain.  It’s no surprise the market is choosing to make Portland OR its first U.S. home.  Portland, often recognized for its progressive culture and style, was ranked number two by PETA for vegan friendly cities. If the chain proves to be as successful in the U.S as it has been in its many European locations, there’s a good chance you will see one pop up in your town soon.


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